Drinking Age In Greece

Drinking Age In Greece

What is the legal drinking age in ZANTE, Greece? ۔

I'm going to Greece this summer and I'm 17, my parents say I can drink. I did research on the legal age for drinking and I know very well that I have heard that there is no legal drinking age, it is 17, it is 18. Am i so stupid So at what age can I buy alcohol and at what age can I drink alcohol in public? Thank you very much


Okay, thanks, but I just read that 17 year olds can only buy wine, not brandy

Well, I'm well aware now, according to Wikipedia (which has alcohol consumption laws in every country in the world), that you have to be 16/17 years old to buy alcohol in Greece, but no drinking Not legal age, but never trusted Wikipedia, but used all other countries.

I went to Greece when I was 16 and I was told I had to be 18 to drink.

The age of drinking in Greece

There is no age to drink alcohol, but 17 to buy it.

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I would say that some of the answers here are wrong.

There is no legal drinking age in Greece, but you must be 17 years old to buy alcohol.

The legal age to buy and drink alcohol is 18, but no one follows this ridiculous law ... only in books ... you can drink in 15 years; you can drink at 12, drink 13 Good for your health; you shouldn't drink too much unless you want to lose the ball and communicate well with your business and feel crazy and throw away, especially if you drink casually Don't like You can also enjoy soft drinks with less alcohol, such as Bacardi Shatter & Gordons or Red Wine. I can stop at this place and have a great vacation. . . After all, this is my opinion and other people can also express their opinion.

The official drinking age is 18 years.

Unfortunately, we don't have to show the bar to the Greeks.

Just be responsible. Everyone here will help you.

Drinking Age In Greece