Dreams About Tornadoes

Dreams About Tornadoes

What does it mean to dream of Taurus?

I dreamed of bulls and I don't want to say one by one. There are 20 police officers together. And I've had it for years. But I like bulls, I like to hunt them. But I'm still scared in my dreams, please tell me what that means!

I had the same kind of dream, the surrounding police used what I found in the dream. They will be everywhere, no matter where you look at me. The thing is, they never come near me or use it to hurt me. They would be there, walking and scaring me. I have a colleague who contacted me in real life but did nothing about it. I guess it just means that I know some things might affect me one day, but they can't. In the end, I treat them like snakes. As long as I know what and where they are, I'm not scared. I just have a lot of respect for them. The thing that bothers me is what can happen if I don't know it exists. This is something I have very little control over. I saw that someone has a good answer, I may not have a good answer.

Bells: A hurricane can be a sign of extreme stress and the ability to relax in your life. In dreams, the sky is often associated with nature and the possibility of change. So, when they are bullied, there is no clear idea of ​​what it will be like. But the police can be a symbol of many things. They can be linked to bad things that are not going to happen and problems that you are facing.

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Facing all these changes in my life.

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Sing to make you feel bad.

Dreams About Tornadoes