Dream Of Childhood Home

Dream Of Childhood Home

Do my baby and I always have nightmares? 3

I don't really have good dreams. I dream of fixing it almost every day. Although there is no reason to keep them there, they will always be kept with my children or me.


How can I stop it?

It all depends on how you feel about being there all the time. Sometimes when you have nightmares, they come from where you find peace. The reason is simple so that you always have a sense of peace / security during difficult times. If using it feels really scary or confusing, then there is definitely something going on in your life that makes you anxious. You may like to SULD, but you don't feel that way and you are against it. It is normal to have a lot of dreams somewhere. Maybe you have bad memories of your child and you think you have something to do with this place. I need more details about each dream to make it better. Let me know if you like it. :)

You should talk to a doctor.

Another way to help is ...

Avoid caffeine and harmful chemicals.

Avoid sleeping under stress.

If you can sleep, try listening to music and radio. If you can listen to the radio in your sleep, it will affect your dreams.

Don't try to think that negative sleep will fall asleep knowing that nothing can be done wrong till morning.


Dream Of Childhood Home