Dream About Roaches

Dream About Roaches

Did I dream about my ex and employer?

Very interesting dream!

I think in real life you interpret your ex-boyfriend as a kind of emptiness that you try to ignore and forget. But it seems that one day you are going to remember your past, which makes you sad and angry because you can no longer relate to it.

But you believe that your love life with your current boyfriend is balanced and happy, even though you clearly still think about your ex-girlfriend.

The Pancake Dream is based on this theme. Even difficult people tell you to stop and you feel a little guilty for not seeing the signs of what you keep doing.

It may have something to do with your satisfaction or just your complete satisfaction.

Insects (which are very scary. UGH!)

It can symbolize your problems, your fears and the consequences you face. This is not fun!

I have many dreams where I don't know the people I'm with. I think these are the people I haven't met ... but we do. Maybe it's just an imaginary character that's floating around in your mind.

This is a very interesting dream and I think you will have sweet dreams next time :)

Well, according to Tony Crisp's Dictionary of Dreams, worms ... represent ... a feeling of irritation or pressure (or) general emotions, especially ES worms, they can also represent congestion and deal with pregnancy. Can also

Syrups and pancakes may also be related. I couldn't find anything specific in the syrup book, but I know that NEY usually represents happy / luxurious farmers // etc. In dreams

Maybe you have an unconscious fear of an unwanted pregnancy and the fear that it could affect both of you?

You may have an unconscious fear that the box (represented by the hot syrup) will have unwanted consequences (e.g.,

At least that's how I read it.

Seeing your child's ex-boyfriend in your dream indicates a free and less satisfying relationship. The server of dreams that will put you in a moment when Odd's responsibilities (or marriage) have not harmed the sovereignty of romance. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

And the second dream ... wow ... I've heard something like that, but for me it's your undesirable aspect. Or it could be a steaming torment. On the positive side, it can also be a sign of endurance and longevity. .

But it helps! : Come back

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Dream About Roaches