Dread Disease Policies

Dread Disease Policies,

Dread Disease Policies Meanings:

A policy that only pays if you become ill with a specific illness in the policy. (Also called special disease guidelines).

Literal Meanings of Dread Disease Policies


Meanings of Dread:
  1. Wait with great anxiety or fear.

  2. Too much fear or anxiety.

  3. Someone with a terrible lock

  4. There was a lot of fear.

Sentences of Dread
  1. Jane is afraid of parties

  2. The thought of returning to New Jersey scares him

  3. A terrible disease occurred and he died

Synonyms of Dread

unease, be anxious about, horrible, feared, alarming, worry, apprehension, frightful, have forebodings about, anxiety, awful, fear, uneasiness, worry about, feel apprehensive about, frightening, angst, fearfulness, foreboding, concern, be afraid of, terrifying, dreadful, terrible, disquietude, dire, trepidation, disquiet


Meanings of Disease:
  1. Disruption in the structure or function of a human, animal or plant, especially a disorder that causes or affects a particular place, and is not merely a direct result of bodily injury.

Sentences of Disease
  1. Bacterial meningitis is a rare condition.

Synonyms of Disease

sickness, illness, ill health


Meanings of Policies:
  1. An act or principle of action is adopted or proposed by an organization or individual.

  2. Illegal lottery or number game.

Sentences of Policies
  1. Controversial government economic policy

  2. Together they make policies

Synonyms of Policies

programme, proposed action, strategy, code, plans, schedule, scheme, notions, guidelines, position, stratagem, approach, stance, line, blueprint, attitude, theory, system, intentions