Draw Downs

Draw Downs,

Draw Downs:

  1. Investor payments to private equity managers to finance investments. Funds are raised through transactions with investors.

Literal Meanings of Draw Downs


Meanings of Draw:
  1. Draw lines and marks, especially with a pen or pencil, by drawing on paper (picture or diagram).

  2. Drag or drag it (like a car) to follow you.

  3. Remove from the container or container (any object, especially a weapon).

  4. Take or remove (liquid) from container or container.

  5. Reason (Specific Answer)

  6. Random selection to determine lottery winners, opponents of sports competitions, etc. (ticket or name)

  7. It ends in a tie (competition or game).

  8. Unveiling.

Sentences of Draw
  1. Drawing a map

  2. A carriage pulled by two horses

  3. He drew his gun and looked into the dark apartment

  4. Criticized his generosity

  5. Brazil drew 1-1

  6. There are many ways to attract birds

Synonyms of Draw

extract, bleed, lure, drain, eviscerate, raffle, bewitchment, temptation, pour, sweepstake, fish out, enticement, enchantment, fascination, make a diagram, allure, persuasion, pencil, siphon, make a drawing of, sketch, remove the guts from, glamour, withdraw, pull out, remove the innards from, take out, attraction


Meanings of Downs:
  1. Towards or at a lower position or position, especially towards or above the ground or other surface.

  2. Intensity, volume or activity less or less intensity.

  3. Worse or weaker position, mood or condition or in.

  4. In writing or in writing.

  5. (In partial payment) in person or on the website.

  6. (Cell) with chain or wind.

  7. Outside the game (with the ball or any player), speed usually stops.

  8. From (something) high to low

  9. Each time (time period)

  10. Targeted or moved to a lower place or location.

  11. Unhappy or depressed.

  12. Temporarily damaged (from computer system) or not available.

  13. Help or support someone.

  14. This refers to the stable quark flavor (variety) which is relatively low in scale and has an electric charge of -1/3. In the standard model, protons and neutrons consist of upper and lower parts.

  15. Hit it on the floor or throw it.

  16. To use (something, usually a beverage)

Sentences of Downs
  1. He lowered his head

  2. be quiet

  3. The scandal toppled the government

  4. Graham wrote the numbers carefully

  5. Deposit £ 5 more at the end of the month

  6. Stairs up and down

  7. Astronomy through sociology

  8. Escalator down

  9. Very recently

  10. Sorry, but the computer is not working

  11. At this energy level, there are only quarks, electrons and electron neutrinos above and below.

Synonyms of Downs

downhearted, reverses, trip up, broken, low, knock down, strokes of ill luck, calamities, from top to bottom, downturns, throughout, imbibe, dejected, guzzle, drink up, tearful, in low spirits, crises, burdens, setbacks, dismal, drink down, suck