Dragon Maid Characters

Dragon Maid Characters

How old is Tohru from Dragon Maid?

| 69 years oldLikewise, how old is Kanna from Dragon Maid?

Kanna kamui
age 7000
sex Female
Fan base Dragon Maid by Miss Kobayashi
height ?

Which dragon is Tohru?



Tooru) is one of the main characters of the Kobayashisan Chi no Maid Dragon series. Tohru is a female dragon who can transform into a human girl.

How long has the dragon maiden Tohru been here?

The Tohrus dragon form appears as a large green European dragon with black wings and a light green belly. His dragon’s height towers over Kobayashi’s old apartment, which has four floors. In the anime, Tohrus’ hair takes on an extra shade of pink and purple at the ends.

Is Tohru a Yandere?

Tohru has a good character, some of which have a Yandere quality, but he is not too powerful and persistent.

Has Dragon Girl season 2 been canceled?

While nothing was announced about Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid season 2 delay, the company canceled for free! Teaser of the film in 2020 due to the KyoAni fire ■■■■■■.

How many human years does a dragon year represent?

Approximately 39 human years pass, the years of the dragon.

Is Kanna a dragon?

Kanna Kamui (?






), also known as Kanna Kobayashi (?


Kobayashi Kanna), is one of the main characters of Kobayashisan Chi no Maid Dragon and the main character of Kobayashisan Chi no Maid Dragon: Kanna born Nichijou. Kanna is a young dragon woman banished from the world for her jokes.

What does Kanna Kamui mean?

Kamuis was fully present with Kamui as an Ainu (Japanese native) concept of divinity / god. According to the Japanese Mythology Handbook, Kanna Kamui Kamui is thunder and lightning. He accompanied Kamui Fuchi as he descended into the sky like a flaming snake.

What anime is Kanna in?

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid How Tall Is Kanna Chan?

The statue is 125cm (about 4 feet) tall and costs 162,000 yen ($ 15,000). Like the previous life-sized figures, Kanna is a limited edition and FigureX will only make 10 figures.

What is Dragon Girl anime?

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

How old is Kobayashi’s Dragon the Maid?

Japanese ?


ramaji Kobayashi
age 25
sex Female

Is the Dragon Maiden appropriate?

Aside from these cases, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is suitable for almost everyone. Maybe it’s better to think of him as a PC rather than a U. The main characters make up for the series.

Is Kobayashi a boy or a girl?

She’s a girl, you can tell from the voice actor. Kobayashi is a boy.

Is Dragon Maid on Netflix?

Sorry, Dragon Maiden: Miss Kobayashi Season 1 is not available on Netflix in the US, but you can unblock it and watch it right now in the US! How to draw Tohru

  1. Start with a simple balloon figure.
  2. Next, draw an inverted trapezoid. He adds two croissants to Tohrus' chest.
  3. Draw an inverted house shape for your torso.
  4. Then he takes out his arms. You can use straight lines because Tohru has long sleeves.
  5. Draw the legs inward. Give her round thin legs and nice feet.

Dragon Maid Characters