Draft Authority

Draft Authority,

Draft Authority: What is the Meaning of Draft Authority?

  • Draft Authority refers to Some insurers allow certain agents to issue claims on their behalf. This is more common with personal insurance, which does not include liability insurance (for example, property insured with personal injury and household goods insurance). Eligibility for refunds is usually limited to a small amount ($ 2,500 or less).

  • Power of Attorney for the agent or claim adjuster to issue a compensation note. This authority is limited by the nature of the claim and the amount paid.

Literal Meanings of Draft Authority


Meanings of Draft:
  1. Written request for payment of a certain amount.

  2. Recruitment for military service

  3. American Orthographic Drawings (Name)

  4. Create an initial version (document).

  5. (A person or group of people) and take it anywhere for a specific purpose.

  6. American Orthographic Draft (adjective)

  7. Cool air flow in the room or other narrow space.

  8. The act of drinking or breathing.

  9. The depth of water required for the boat to swim

  10. Pulling fishing nets

  11. Beer or cider is served in barrels or tanks, not in bottles or cans.

  12. This refers to an animal that is used to pull heavy loads.

Sentences of Draft
  1. The first draft of the party program

  2. 25 million soldiers were recruited for military service.

  3. I wrote my resignation.

  4. Asked to help fix the machine.

  5. Thick curtains on the windows protect the air.

  6. Drink the rest of the beer in a glass.

  7. A shallow draft allows it to reach the shore.

Synonyms of Draft

waft, bill of exchange, breeze, current of air, gale, banker's order, whiff, order, puff, wind, money order, ■■■■, zephyr, postal order, cheque, negotiable instrument, rush of air, breath, gust, blast


Meanings of Authority:
  1. The authority or right to command, make decisions and enforce obedience.

  2. A person or organization with political or administrative power and control.

  3. The power to influence others, especially because of your arrogant behavior or knowledge of something.

Sentences of Authority
  1. He has complete control over his subordinates.

  2. Health officials have issued a global warning.

  3. Someone has a natural tendency to believe.

Synonyms of Authority

eminence, gravitas, ascendancy, credibility, charge, dominion, officialdom, drag, teeth, the administration, the police, sovereignty, power, officials, hold, prestige, the system, leverage, sway, confidence, the bureaucracy, supremacy, stature, the government