Definition of Downtick:

  1. A downtick is a transaction for a financial instrument that occurs at a lower price than the previous transaction. A downtick occurs when a stock's price decreases in relation to the last trade.

  2. A small decrease or slight downward trend.

  3. A downtick occurs when a transaction price is followed by a decreased transaction price. This is commonly used in reference to stocks, but it can also be extended to commodities and other forms of financial securities. A downtick is in contrast to an uptick, which refers to a trade in which the price increases from the previous price.

  4. Stockmarket quote or transaction at a price lower than the preceding one for the same security. Opposite of uptick. Also called minus tick.

Synonyms of Downtick

Reduction, Drop, Lessening, Lowering, Decline, Falling off

How to use Downtick in a sentence?

  1. A downtick stands in contrast to an uptick, which is a transaction marked by an increase in price.
  2. Short selling is considered to be a large reason for stock market crashes, such as the 1929 market crash that led to the Great Depression.
  3. The minimum tick size for trading stocks above $1 is $0.01.
  4. A downtick in the unemployment rate is welcome news.
  5. Short selling is not permitted on a downtick of more than 10% as stipulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  6. A tick is the measure of the upward or downward movement of the price of a security.
  7. A downtick refers to a transaction of a financial instrument that occurs at a price lower than the previously transacted price.

Meaning of Downtick & Downtick Definition