Is that probably a word?

| Adjective. undisputed as accepted beyond any doubt accepted beyond any doubt.

Likewise, you might ask, is that a moot word?

  1. Not being confident, doubtful or unlikely to judge. 2. Suspect. archaic. to fear.

Is there even such a word as unmistakable?

Undoubtedly, it is an adverb which means that there is no doubt. They know what doubt means - it’s the feeling you get when you’re unsure or not convinced of something. Undoubtedly, an adverbial form of the adjective that has the same meaning is undeniable.

Simply put, is it a questionable word?

Adjective. of an uncertain outcome or outcome. admit or provoke an uncertain ambiguous doubt. the restless mind or the uncertain conviction of hesitation.

How do you spell doubtful?

This (questionable) word can be misspelled. Misspellings for DOUBT

  1. promise me tenderly, he seemed to say, that I will never have any problems or worries with my son and that I will love him with love.
  2. Doubt Let’s say they’re a smart team that needs a hand, said the quick man’s dubious voice.

What is the opposite of doubtful?

Controversially, in the context of doubt or ambiguity, controversial. Unlike adverbs to experience or show doubt, skeptical.

What is the adverb to doubt?

On this reference page you can answer the question about any adverb that describes or modifies the verb ZWEIFEL. safe, easy, fair. serious, strong, hardly. strong, honest, fair. possible, real, meaningful.

What does it mean to doubt?

Adjective. of an uncertain outcome or outcome. admit or provoke an uncertain ambiguous doubt. unsure of opinion or uncertain belief of hesitation. ambiguous or dubious in nature: his tactics are highly questionable.

What does caution mean?

The definition of doubtful is suspicious, unclear or uncertain. An example of something questionable is a situation reported by a person who is constantly lying.

What is the synonym for doubtful?

probably. 4. They doubt the methods used. SYNONYMS. suspicious, suspicious, suspicious, careful, careful, careful, careful, fearful, fearful, fearful, no trust, no trust, no faith. skeptical, insecure, ambivalent, doubtful, cynical.

rush is a noun?

Name. a sudden, frantic rush or delayed escape from a frightened herd of animals, especially cattle or horses.

What does it mean to be skeptical?

Adjective. prone to skepticism has a questionable attitude: a skeptical young woman who wants to doubt what you say. I have doubts about one thing: my teacher thinks I can get a scholarship, but I am skeptical. shows doubt: a skeptical smile.

What does it mean to be dominant?

Domination describes an arrogant and bossy person, such as a military dictator or a very bad mother. Someone who is very stubborn and condescending can be described as overbearing, like a teacher who forcibly forces his students to stand still and never speak.

What does inflexibility mean?

Definition of indomitable. : too clear to doubt: no doubt.

How do you surely use a sentence?

Example sentences

What’s a nice word for yes?

Synonyms for ja | adv.aggreed

How do you say without a doubt?

How to say it: inDOObitablee. And if it’s more of an old-fashioned adverb, there’s definitely still a unique way to express it. Doubt and doubtless has a root in the Latin word dubitabilis, which means doubtful. Adding the prefix definitely does something.

How do you react without a doubt?

Another word no doubt

What does baby boo mean?

English Persian (US). Baby boo is a concept of love, similar to baby or honey or friend or love. Baby boo is a concept of love, similar to baby or honey or friend or love.

What is the synonym of undoubtedly?

undoubtedly (adverb) synonyms: harsh, undoubtedly, undoubtedly, absolute, undoubtedly, undoubtedly. without a doubt (adverb) In a way that leaves no doubt.

Which word has the most syllables?

The word with the most syllables in English is Pneumonultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

Who do you think said that in a movie?

Mary Poppins: Sure, you could say it backwards, which is dociousaliexpilisticfragicalirupus, but that goes a little too far, don’t you think?

Bert: Without a doubt.