What is The Meaning of Double?

In the film and television industry, anyone who replaces or replaces the lead actor.

Meanings of Double

  1. You will double or more.

  2. Fold or joint (paper, fabric, or other material) alone.

  3. The second function used or performed.

  4. Something that is twice as large as normal or consists of two standard units or objects.

  5. There is someone who looks like someone else.

  6. (Especially tennis and badminton) A game or competition with a team of two players.

  7. Two identical, identical or similar parts or objects.

  8. Make the pitch an octave down.

  9. Twice or more.

  10. In case of doubling or doubling the number or capacity.

Sentences of Double

  1. Income doubled in one year

  2. A muslin cloth is added and then placed in a sieve over the bowl

  3. The laser printer also acts as a copier

  4. Double the two sleeping bags

  5. You can pretend to be your twin brother

  6. Double semi-finals

Synonyms of Double

clone, bifold , fold back, tuck up, duplicated , counterpart, doubly, living image, mate, function, picture, matching, imitation, duplicate, turn under, lookalike, bend over, duplex, replica, twice over, fold up, mirror image, as much again , image, copy, fellow, perfect likeness, binate , multiply by two

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Double: What is the Meaning of Double?

  1. A simple definition of Double is: In the film and television industry, one person replaces or replaces the lead actor.

Meanings of Double

  1. It is made up of two parts or the same, the same or the same thing.

  2. An active lower

  3. Two or more times.

  4. In number or scope or double.

  5. Anything that is twice as large as normal or consists of two standard units or objects.

  6. Someone who looks exactly like everyone else.

  7. Playing or competing with a team of two players (especially tennis and badminton).

  8. A shift system that uses five bells, two pairs change places at a time.

  9. Two wins in two different competitions in the same game.

  10. A number or quantity is twice as large or inverse or greater than a normal number or quantity.

Sentences of Double

  1. The prison now has almost twice as many inmates as it should.

  2. You have to be careful, and that means twice as much for older people.

  3. Manchester United have won the doubles twice.

  4. He made a double payment and kept the room.

  5. A muslin cloth is folded and then placed in a sieve over the bowl.

Synonyms of Double

matched, enlarge, coupled, twofold, paired, crease, repeat, turn back/up/down/over/under, exact likeness, ■■■■ ringer, fold (back/up/down/over/under), spit and image, have a dual role, bend back/over, magnify, complementary, binary, ringer, increase twofold, tuck back/up/down/under, twice the amount, twin, facsimile, spitting image, have/serve a dual purpose, in pairs, Doppelgänger