Double Positive

Double Positive

Is there such a thing as a positive double in English grammar?

Only in technical terms. There's an old joke:

An English teacher said the key: In English, a double negative becomes a positive, but there is no example of a double positive as a result of a negative. And from under the lock came a sarcastic voice, yes, yes.

There is no double positive in English. There is a double negative rule because two negatives cancel each other out and one creates a positive. Let's take your sentence as an example:

Without a sense of fashion, words do not cancel out each other in a positive way.

To be a positive double, the opposite must be the case. To make it negative, two positives have to cancel each other out. That did not happen.

Twice as positive

The double negative is actually a very common and disturbing mistake. In fact, it implements and silences the voice of the announcer.

To make it double positive, you can take the following example.

I go to work every day.

You can add a positive second to what I do

I go to work every day.

It means strong and emphatic.

However, the term double positive is not used.

Double rejection

As an example

I'm not going anywhere.


I'm not going anywhere with standard English.

Double positive can be negative.

As an example.

I'm 11 feet 7 inches tall!

Yes, of course! Double positive, which means it's a bull ... :)

Interesting question, I never thought about it before. I've never heard of a double positive.

Double Positive

Double Positive

The other day I was at a bar and I heard a man say. This is a good piece of cheese

Yes move = Double positive.

Yes, for example this is absolutely true. It means exactly the same thing.

It's not, yes, that's right.

Double Positive