Double jeopardy

Double jeopardy,

Definition of Double jeopardy:

  1. Situation where one may be prosecuted again for substantially the same offense.

  2. Situation where one may lose double the amount at stake.

  3. The prosecution of a person twice for the same offense.

How to use Double jeopardy in a sentence?

  1. He can still be prosecuted on that charge without double jeopardy.

Meaning of Double jeopardy & Double jeopardy Definition

Double Jeopardy,

Double Jeopardy Definition:

  1. Punish someone more than once for the same crime. It is banned by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution and Articles II and E of the New Mexico Constitution. Everyone has the right to the benefit of the law and the guarantees and rules of the judicial process. It also includes constitutional requirements, such as proper notice of due process, the ability to be heard by judges, the assistance of lawyers and defendants' right to remain silent, the initiation of public and hasty proceedings, the face of an impartial jury and Facing each other . And get witnesses.

Literal Meanings of Double Jeopardy


Meanings of Double:
  1. To be double or more

  2. Fold or joint (paper, cloth or other material) alone.

  3. Used or played a different role.

  4. Something that is twice the normal size or consists of two units or standard items.

  5. There is someone who looks like everyone else.

  6. (Especially tennis and badminton) A sport or competition in which a team of two players takes part.

  7. Consists of two parts or things that are identical, identical or similar.

  8. An octave down.

  9. Two or more times

  10. Maximum or within size or double.

  11. A number or quantity is the opposite of a common number or quantity.

Sentences of Double
  1. Production doubled in one year

  2. The muslin cloth is folded and then placed in a sieve over the bowl

  3. A laser printer also acts as a copier

  4. Attach the two sleeping bags to double

  5. You can disguise your twin

  6. Doubles semi-finals

Synonyms of Double

matched, turn over, fold back, replica, complementary, fellow, mate, copy, picture, lookalike, dual, turn back, turn down, multiply by two, crease, function, also serve, fold up, matching, tuck down, twice the amount, binary, fold down, twice over


Meanings of Jeopardy:
  1. Risk of loss, damage or failure.

Sentences of Jeopardy
  1. Michaels' work is not in danger

Synonyms of Jeopardy

danger, peril