What Does Double-blind Mean?

  • How to test a new product, usually a medicine, in which neither the person testing the product nor the person treating it knows who is testing the original product and who is not taking the placebo Is.

Literal Meanings of Double-blind


Meanings of Double:
  1. Get the maximum or double.

  2. Fold or joint (paper, fabric or other material) alone.

  3. Used or played a different role.

  4. Something that is twice the normal size or consists of two units or standard items.

  5. There is someone who looks like everyone else.

  6. (Especially tennis and badminton) A sport or competition in which a team of two players takes part.

  7. Consists of two parts or things that are the same, identical or similar.

  8. An octave down.

  9. Two or more times

  10. Maximum or within size or double.

  11. A number or quantity is the opposite of a common number or quantity.

Sentences of Double
  1. Production doubled in one year

  2. The muslin cloth is folded and then placed in a sieve over the bowl

  3. A laser printer also acts as a copier

  4. Connect the two sleeping bags to make a double

  5. You can disguise your twin

  6. Doubles semi-finals

  7. Double doors

  8. Therefore, a double actuator can be divided into two equal parts in a 2: 1 ratio.

  9. The prison now holds nearly twice as many inmates

  10. You have to be careful, and that counts twice as much for parents

  11. He paid double and had a room

Synonyms of Double

duplicate, mate, perfect likeness, mirror image, facsimile, fold, picture, in pairs, tuck under, doubly, turn back, enlarge, matching, twin, match, complementary, turn over, increase twofold, twofold, living image, matched, duplex, fold up, dual, binary, tuck down, turn down, turn under


Meanings of Blind:
  1. People who can't see.

  2. Glazing, especially those that are wrapped or woven with lamellae.

  3. Something to hide your true intentions.

  4. Very drunk

  5. Legal businesses that cover up criminal business.

  6. It is not possible to see due to birth injury, illness or disease.

  7. Conscience, lack of conscience or understanding.

  8. Impossible to see (from any corner or curve of the road).

  9. (Used in a strong term) Absolutely not.

  10. (From plants) without buds, eyes or terminal flowers.

  11. drunk.

  12. It does not enable (anyone) to view permanently or temporarily.

  13. Depriving (someone) of understanding, judgment or impression.

Sentences of Blind
  1. Guide dogs for the blind

  2. He pulls down the curtain

  3. He called from home: he was blind to his wife

  4. The third time, he won and then used the stores of a big city as a cover for his state-of-the-art gaming house.

  5. A blind man with a stick

  6. He is blind to the reality of his position

  7. Two trucks collided on the dead end

Synonyms of Blind

render unsighted, imperceptive, feint, protection, deprive of sense, curtain, deprive of vision, visually impaired, slow, canopy, covering, unseeing, awning, disguise, bovine, front, put someone's eyes out, deprive of sight, smokescreen, stupid, gouge someone's eyes out, cover, camouflage, masquerade, unintelligent, cloak, deception, thick-skinned


How Do You Define Double-blind?

  • A new Ucto test method, usually a drug, in which neither the tester nor the person giving it knows that they are testing the original Ucto and they have found a placebo that does not have Uct.

Literal Meanings of Double-blind


Meanings of Double:
  1. Similar to two parts or things, identical or similar.

  2. Number or scope or twice.

  3. (Especially tennis and badminton) A sport or competition with a team of two players.

  4. A number or quantity is the opposite or twice the size of a normal number or quantity.

  5. Fold or fold over yourself (paper, cloth or other material).

  6. Use or other functions.

Sentences of Double
  1. Combine the two sleeping bags into one double.

  2. He paid double and took the room.

  3. Earnings doubled in one year.

Synonyms of Double

have/serve a dual purpose, exact likeness, fold (back/up/down/over/under), ■■■■ ringer, imitation, twice over, turn back/up/down/over/under, (also) serve, Doppelgänger, copy, twice the amount, (very) spit, have a dual role, lookalike, spitting image, twice, multiply by two, repeat, tuck back/up/down/under, clone, fellow, function, ■■■■ spit, ringer, binate


Meanings of Blind:
  1. (Road curve or curve) is not visible in the circle.

  2. Not least (used in sympathy).

  3. Cannot view rendering (a) permanently or temporarily.

  4. Remove (someone) from understanding, judgment or perception.

  5. Running very fast and dangerous.

  6. Privacy screens for windows, especially with rollers or slate.

  7. Big fight with drinking.

Sentences of Blind
  1. The blind man with the stick

  2. Blind acceptance of stagnation

  3. Two trucks collided at ■■■■ End.

  4. This statement does not blind the workers

  5. Planting too little is the most common cause of dim bulbs.

  6. He was blinded by his faith.

  7. I can see the magnificent ■■■■■ on the roof.

Synonyms of Blind

facade, slow on the uptake, manoeuvre, ruse, deprive of judgement, pretext, shutter, expedient, purblind, unconsidered, stone blind, indifferent to, glaikit, naive, deprive of perception, half blind, trick, dense, dim-witted, partially sighted, Austrian blind, move, insensitive of, eyeless, roller blind, undiscerning, not with it, mask, mindless