Dot matrix printer

Dot matrix printer,

Definition of Dot matrix printer:

  1. Type of computer printer that uses tiny hammers in its print head to strike pins over an inked ribbon to form characters or images on paper, and is used mainly for multipart forms. For general printing, dot matrix printers have largely been replaced by cheaper, quieter, and faster non-impact printers such as ink jets and lasers which also produce output of far better quality (resolution).

How to use Dot matrix printer in a sentence?

  1. Our dot matrix printer has since been replaced by an ink jet printer, making the quality of our printed documents much better.
  2. I was excited to use the dot matrix printer for the fist time, because no one else had done it before and I would be the first.
  3. You may want to try using a dot matrix printer if you want to put something out that looks different than usual.

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