Dose Response

Dose Response,

Dose Response Definition:

  1. Dose Response means: The extent to which biological organisms react to toxic substances changes in quantity as their overall exposure changes. For example, small amounts of carbon monoxide can cause drowsiness. Large quantities can be fatal.

Literal Meanings of Dose Response


Meanings of Dose:
  1. A set of medicines or pills that are taken or prescribed at a specific time.

  2. Give food (person or animal)

Sentences of Dose
  1. Take a dose of cough suppressant

  2. Given a dose of vitamins

Synonyms of Dose

heal, amount, quantity, draught, portion, drench, dose, measure, treat, dosage, soothe, cure, medicate


Meanings of Response:
  1. Oral or written answers.

Sentences of Response
  1. Without waiting for an answer, he went back to his diary