Dose response relationship

Dose response relationship,

Definition of Dose response relationship:

  1. Measurement of the relationship between the quantity of a substance or exposure to radiation (the dose) and its overall effect (the response) on an organism. Response may shift dramatically with increase in dose, as in the case of carbon monoxide which produces only drowsiness in small quantities but kills in large doses. Also called dose response assessment. See also toxicity.

How to use Dose response relationship in a sentence?

  1. After analyzing the dose response relationship , the researchers determined that the proposed medication exceeded the safe limits of its radioactive ingredient, and that it could not be approved for testing.
  2. I had to check out the dose response relationship and that gave me a headache because it was boring and wearisome.
  3. The dose response relationship was a useful calculation when dealing with something so serious as radiation as we wanted a full understanding.

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