Dose-response Assessment

Dose-response Assessment,

What Does Dose-response Assessment Mean?

Enjoy the effects of a chemical.

Literal Meanings of Dose-response Assessment


Meanings of Dose:
  1. A set of medicines or drugs that are taken or prescribed at a particular time.

  2. Give food (person or animal)

Sentences of Dose
  1. Take a dose of cough suppressant

  2. Given a dose of vitamins

Synonyms of Dose

soothe, medicate, drench, measure, draught, cure, amount, portion, heal, treat, quantity, dose, dosage


Meanings of Response:
  1. Oral or written answers.

Sentences of Response
  1. Without waiting for an answer, he went back to his diary


Meanings of Assessment:
  1. Evaluation or evaluation of one's character, quality or abilities or something.

Sentences of Assessment
  1. Assessment of educational needs

Synonyms of Assessment

estimation, gauging, opinion, analysis, judgement, appraisal, rating, evaluation