What does singing mean?

That means little brother.

And if you add U in front, it means little sister.

If you add the name in front, it means little brother.

But Koreans don't always use it in reference to brothers and sisters. You can even become close friends with strangers.

Hyung means big brother, only boys use the term.

Opa means big brother, except that the term is used only by women.

Nona means older sister and boys use the term.

Annie means big sister and only women use it.

Maybe there is a shortcoming .. lol

Oh, and that, they don't have to be. : D.

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What does singing mean?

In Korean?



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It's a word that refers to a younger brother.

A younger brother or sister will be your singer.

True, ™ (song) is used to talk to your younger brother / beyond, but it can also be used for someone younger than you who is very close to you.

For example, if your closest friend's name is Gaul

For example, help! ~