Don’t let Skiing be cancelled in 2021!

Many skiing holidays were cancelled in 2020, and we’re seeing a similar situation now in 2021. However, despite the turmoil Covid-19 has brought to the hospitality industry and for ski resorts more specifically, there is still an opportunity to slip on your ski jacket, gloves and boots and hop into your skis or snowboard. With the UK having plenty of ski opportunities available including indoor ski slopes, outdoor ski slopes and even REAL SNOW ski slopes, skiing in the UK is not cancelled in 2021.

Indoor Ski Slopes remain open

Despite the UK going in and out of national lockdowns, when the sport and fitness industry is operating to some form of normality, there are plenty of opportunities to jump onto the snow. One of the largest and most notable indoor ski slopes in the UK is Chill Factore based in Manchester. Having achieved Visit Britain’s Good to Go Industry Standard, Chill Factore has been providing ski lessons, lift passes and other snow-fun activities to the general public.

Another Indoor Ski Slope is Snow Zone in Milton Keynes. The UK has some incredible indoor ski slopes for you to brush up your skills, learn something new, or enjoy some much-deserved snow fun.

Outdoor Ski Slopes in the UK

As it is known that the virus’ transmissibility drastically reduces when outside, visiting an outdoor ski slope is a pretty good option right now. The UK has many outdoor ski slopes made with plastic and aluminium providing the next best thing for those ski enthusiasts who are missing the fluffy snow and impressive chalets.

We’re seeing snow fall in the UK too!

Snow can be something of a rarity in the UK, but the UK has seen it’s fair share of snowfall within the last couple of weeks. The hilly areas and Scotland tend to experience snow every year, and the likes of Glenshee Snow Sports Centre has real snow, and it’s outside too! It’s definitely worth paying a visit!

So in 2021, don’t let Skiing be cancelled. Now is the perfect time to trail out some of the UK’s best indoor, outdoor and REAL ski slopes. With the vaccines being rolled out across the country, we should hope that the Après Ski, gorgeous chalets and fondues are not too far away!