Domino Theory

Domino Theory,

What is Domino Theory?

  1. Accident and accident control theory developed by HOW Heinrich, which states that all accidents, whether residential or in the work environment, are the result of a series of events. The sequence of events includes the following factors: hereditary and social environment, individual error, unsafe practices and / or bodily harm, accidents and actual injury resulting from the above factors. These factors are called dominoes, and eliminating any of these five factors can prevent accidents.

Literal Meanings of Domino Theory


Meanings of Domino:
  1. Each half has one of the 28 longitudinal bands from 0 to 6 points (nuggets).

  2. Wide dress worn with disguised face mask.

Sentences of Domino
  1. They will all fall like a series of dominoes

  2. It feels like everyone knows who you are, but wearing a mask (even Domino!) Allows you to behave differently than usual.

Synonyms of Domino

domino, stocking mask, fancy dress, veil, disguise, false face


Meanings of Theory:
  1. A system of assumptions or theories that aim to explain something, especially those based on general principles, regardless of what will be stated.

Sentences of Theory
  1. Darwin's theory of evolution

Synonyms of Theory

suspicion, postulation, guess, assumption, speculation, notion, thesis, postulate, proposition, hunch, presumption, presupposition, conjecture, premise, feeling, surmise, supposition, hypothesis