Definition of Domicile:

  1. Banking: Place where a bill of exchange is made payable.

  2. Your domicile is the place where you maintain a permanent home. Your intent to remain in this place indefinitely makes it your domicile and makes you the place's domiciliary. Your domiciliary status subjects you to specific laws. Thus, domicile is a legal construct used to determine where you vote, file lawsuits, pay taxes, claim benefits, and oblige governmental authority.

  3. The country that a person treats as their permanent home, or lives in and has a substantial connection with.

  4. General: (1) Country or place where a person has his or her fixed or legal address, or permanent residence (home), and to which he or she intends to return if currently residing elsewhere. (2) Country or state of incorporation or registration of a firm where it has its legal address or registered office, or which is considered in law as the center of its corporate affairs.

  5. Treat a specified country as a permanent home.

  6. At birth, your domicile of origin is the home you share with your parents. This location remains your domicile until you reach the age of majority and acquire a domicile of choice. This domicile of choice remains your domicile until you abandon it by relocating to a new domicile with the bona fide intent to make the new domicile your fixed and permanent home. .

Synonyms of Domicile

Abide, Abiding place, Abode, Accommodations, Address, Bed, Berth, Bestow, Billet, Board, Bunk, Cantonment, Cohabit, Commorancy, Crash pad, Crib, Diggings, Digs, Domiciliate, Domus, Doss down, Dwell, Dwelling, Dwelling place, Entertain, Establish, Habitation, Hang out, Harbor, Home, House, Housing, Hut, Inhabit, Live, Living quarters, Locate, Lodge, Lodging, Lodging place, Lodgings, Lodgment, Nest, Occupy, Pad, Perch, Place, Place to live, Put up, Quarter, Remain, Reside, Residence, Residency, Roof, Room, Roost, Seat, Settle, Shelter, Situate, Squat, Stable, Stay, Tenant

How to use Domicile in a sentence?

  1. His wife has a domicile of origin in Germany.
  2. Domicile refers to the place you call home permanently.
  3. My friends status in his long time neighborhood was domicile because he had been living there for his entire life.
  4. Your domicile is important for legal purposes such as paying taxes, voting, and claiming benefits.
  5. I suggested that he have the package delivered to my domicile but he insisted on meeting me in person at the office.
  6. The tenant is domiciled in the US.
  7. Some people may even run a business out of their domicile to keep down costs on renting an office or building.
  8. Residence and domicile have different legal definitions and are differentiated primarily by the length of time you plan to live in a specific location.

Meaning of Domicile & Domicile Definition