Domicile Manager

Domicile Manager,

Definition of Domicile Manager:

  • Domicile Manager can be defined as, In a property insurer, the person whose job it is to keep books, pay bills, register and maintain franchise and insurance contracts, and communicate with regulators. The administrators of today's global financial and regulatory power demand more services with higher professionalism than expected 10 years ago. In most families, disciplinary personnel are required, or at least strongly recommended, that the captive owners hire a professional management company to keep records and actually manage the captives.

Literal Meanings of Domicile Manager


Meanings of Domicile:
  1. Treat some countries as permanent homes.

  2. The country in which an individual is considered or resides permanently and with whom he or she has a material relationship.


Meanings of Manager:
  1. The person responsible for controlling or directing all parts of a company or similar organization.

Sentences of Manager
  1. Bar manager

Synonyms of Manager

supervisor, superintendent, executive, foreman, director, administrator, principal, boss, employer, overseer, head, head of department, managing director, forewoman, line manager