Definition of Domestic:

  1. Relating to ones own family, jurisdiction, or country.

  2. Relating to the running of a home or to family relations.

  3. A person who is paid to help with menial tasks such as cleaning.

  4. Existing or occurring inside a particular country; not foreign or international.

  5. A product not made abroad.

Synonyms of Domestic

Servant, Domestic servant, Domestic worker, Domestic help, Hired help, Home help, Daily help, Maid, Housemaid, Maid-of-all-work, Cleaner, Menial, Housekeeper, Anchoritic, Autochthonous, Cloistered, Domal, Domestic servant, Domesticated, Domiciliary, Drudge, Eremitic, Family, Help, Hermitic, Hermitish, Hired help, Home, Household, Housekeeper, Indigenous, Inland, Internal, Intestine, Manorial, Mansional, Menial, Municipal, National, Native, Palatial, Private, Recluse, Residential, Residentiary, Scullion, Sequestered, Servant, Servitor, Shut in, Shut up, Slavey, Stay-at-home, Steward, Subdued, Submissive, Tame, Turnspit, Family, Home, Private, National, State, Home, Local, Internal, Interior, Not foreign, Not international

How to use Domestic in a sentence?

  1. Nor were we happy with how some of the churches educated, when they seemed to train the young primarily for menial pursuits such as domestics.
  2. The current state of US domestic affairs.
  3. All his friends liked costly imported brands of beer, but Paul was more than content with his less expensive domestic choice.
  4. The attacks were domestic , destroying many landmarks in the motherland, infuriating the people to take up arms and make a change.
  5. Domestic chores.
  6. The senator was concerned with domestic trade in the United States, as he felt that the products from his state had little potential internationally.

Meaning of Domestic & Domestic Definition

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