Domestic Terrorism

Domestic Terrorism,

Domestic Terrorism Meanings:

  1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has defined the term as a threat of unlawful use or use of force or violence by a group or individual located in the United States or its territories, and without compromising the specificity of the foreign address. To work as To intimidate or coerce people, property against governments, citizens or any part of them to achieve political or social goals.

  2. A simple definition of Domestic Terrorism is: The term is defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a term used in the United States entirely by groups or individuals based in the United States or its territories for illegal use or threats of repression or violence and without assigning a foreign address. Of Or property to intimidate or coerce governments, citizens, or any part of them to achieve political or social goals. It is important to differentiate between acts of national and foreign terrorism, as the Terrorism Insurance and Risk Act (TRI) applies only to acts of foreign terrorism.

Literal Meanings of Domestic Terrorism


Meanings of Domestic:
  1. In the management of domestic or family relations.

  2. They are present in some foreign or international countries.

  3. Someone who is paid to help with household chores, such as cleaning.

  4. Products that are not made abroad.

Sentences of Domestic
  1. Housework

  2. The current state of US entry

  3. We are also dissatisfied with the way some churches train, as they mainly train young people in general activities, such as the Ministry of Interior.

Synonyms of Domestic

housemaid, daily help, family, servant, hired help, state, housekeeper, local, private, cleaner, domestic servant, menial, not foreign, home, internal, maid-of-all-work, not international, home help, maid, domestic worker, domestic help, national


Meanings of Terrorism:
  1. Illegal use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, for political purposes.

Sentences of Terrorism
  1. The war on terror