Domestic Insurer

Domestic Insurer,

Domestic Insurer means,

An insurer is licensed and registered under the laws of the country in which the insurance is taken.

Meaning of Domestic Insurer: A national insurance company is an insurance company licensed in a particular state that complies with the laws and requirements of that state and establishes its headquarters there. Foreign insurers can also become domestic insurers by relocating their registered office to the country where they want to become domestic insurers.

The insurance company is a national company of the country where it is incorporated. See also foreign insurance companies, foreign insurance companies.

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Meanings of Insurer:
  1. The person or company that handles the insurance risk, a portion of the insurance contract that acts to pay the compensation.

Sentences of Insurer
  1. It may even help to trade your own insurers' estimated losses for a single mortgage.

Domestic Insurer,

Domestic Insurer Definition:

The definition of Domestic Insurer is: Registered and licensed insurer in the country in which he sells insurance.