What Does Dolly Mean?

  • In the entertainment industry, these wheeled devices can easily move the camera over long footage on foot.

Meanings of Dolly

  1. Baby word for doll

  2. A small platform with wheels for holding heavy objects, usually a movie or television camera.

  3. A small wooden stick to move clothes in the bathtub.

  4. (From a movie or television camera) move in a certain direction on a mobile platform.

Sentences of Dolly

  1. She climbs on the carpet, puts the basket on the bed, chooses a doll's house to pick it up, and waits patiently for her grandfather as he pays for the two baskets of chocolates. One for him and one for his younger brother.

  2. Hit the car

  3. Hundreds of people have been shown on camera once again

Synonyms of Dolly

puppet, marionette, figure, figurine, model


What is The Meaning of Dolly?

  • Dolly refers to In the entertainment industry, the equipment on wheels that allows the camera to move easily during long walks.

Meanings of Dolly

  1. A small platform on wheels used to transport heavy objects, usually a film or television camera.

  2. Light footprint

  3. Moves in a certain direction on a mobile platform (from a movie or television camera).

Sentences of Dolly

  1. car accident

  2. Touch the sled

  3. The camera shows hundreds of new people.