Dollar Threshold

Dollar Threshold,

Dollar Threshold:

Meaning of Dollar Threshold: Nofalt Auto Insurance claims that the dollar limit prevents people from taking legal action to get rid of pain and suffering, unless their medical bills exceed a certain amount.

In some states that do not have auto insurance, the one-dollar limit prevents people from filing a complaint of inconvenience and inconvenience, unless their medical bills exceed a certain amount of dollars.

Literal Meanings of Dollar Threshold


Meanings of Dollar:
  1. Twenty currency units for the United States, Canada, Australia and the Pacific, Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Africa and several countries in South America.

Sentences of Dollar
  1. Does this mean that the price of oil in pounds or euros has not risen as dramatically as the dollar?


Meanings of Threshold:
  1. A piece of wood, metal or stone that forms the base of a door and makes a hole when entering a house or room.

  2. The severity or intensity for which a reaction, phenomenon, result or condition is to be formed or set.

Sentences of Threshold
  1. I stopped at the door of Sheila's bedroom

  2. Nothing happens until the signal crosses the threshold

Synonyms of Threshold

portal, way in, gateway, doorway, doorsill, approach, door, entrance, doorstep, entry, gate, sill