Dollar Store Hair Dye

Dollar Store Hair Dye

Hair color at the dollar store? 3

I've heard people at the dollar store dye their hair at the dollar store, I never believed it! And I haven't really seen G-Rag, and now I'm thinking of using it. I know this may seem like too much for just a dollar, but honestly, I can't figure out what's wrong with the hair color. The basic color is similar to the menu. I just want it. So is buying a hair color from a dollar store a bad idea when all the basic colors are available? Why this? What is the problem?

It works for your hair, it will fry like mom ******!

Dollar Store Hair Dye

Any canned color is bad for your hair.

The chemicals in it will change the makeup of your hair and it will not be the same. Especially if you plan to go.

, Red and blonde are the worst canned colors you can get.

If you want to try and keep your hair healthy, go to a salon and buy your own dye and manufacturer. The price of the developer is only 2BS and the price of the clarant is 6 or 7. Normally you won't use them all, so save what you don't use.

In the long run, it's great for your hair, even if you just want to waste time.

You will not lose more than one dollar. If your hair falls out or falls out they won't sell! If all else fails, get ideas from Wright Aid or Walmart and buy another hair dye. My mother is a hairdresser and does not like to dye her hair.

Help for example!

It can be very easy to wash and costs only a dollar.

And if you're American, be careful because the chemicals in cheap hair dyes can dry out and damage your hair.

I really have no answer but not all hair dyes are bad for your hair, I am 10 years old and I have combed at least 5 times and my hair is not falling out and I have Dollar Tree hair dye Tried

نووووووووووووووووو !!!! Wal-Mart is bad for your hair too!

Dollar Store Hair Dye