Definition of Dogma:

  1. A principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true.

  2. Stance pronounced by an authority as the definitive word on a subject to be accepted unquestioned, usually unsupported by corroborating facts or in defiance of evidence to the contrary, imposed by a fiat or institutionalized into a set of inflexible rules. See also doctrine.

Synonyms of Dogma

Athanasian Creed, Catechism, Nicene Creed, A belief, Article of faith, Articles of faith, Articles of religion, Axiom, Belief, Canon, Conviction, Credenda, Credo, Creed, Doctrine, Maxim, Persuasion, Precept, Principle, Teaching, Tenet, View, Teaching, Belief, Conviction, Tenet, Principle, Ethic, Precept, Maxim, Article of faith, Canon, Law, Rule

How to use Dogma in a sentence?

  1. The rejection of political dogma.

Meaning of Dogma & Dogma Definition