Dog Won T Open Eye After Bath

Dog Won T Open Eye After Bath

I just bathed my dog ​​and he doesn't want to open his eyes anymore? 3

I went and my mother bathed my dog ​​and now his eyes are barely open. He does so, but does not open his eyes completely, and sometimes reaches to his claws and rubs one of his eyes. I see a slight difference between right and left, and almost no difference. What should I do now as medicine for myself? What do you think it is?

It looks like a mirage in the eyes of your bathroom. If your dog allows it, try washing his eyes with water. This can be easier and less messy if you put it in the bathtub and use (preferably) an eye dropper, or if you wash your eyes with a glass of water. You can also contact your veterinarian for advice (he will sometimes tell you what to throw away). If he looks worse in the next few days, it could mean his eyes are getting worse or itchy and he can see a doctor right away.

I once had a kitten and I didn't open my eyes because I have these green creatures and lots of animals so don't worry or maybe you noticed? Wash it and if it goes wrong with the doctor and he says you are wrong, goodbye, he will open his eyes soon.

Please wait again. My dog ​​did and the next day he was fine. Otherwise, contact the dog below. He can breathe in his eyes.

Looks like you have soap in your eyes. The irritation should go away tomorrow (today's shower, okay?), But to reduce the irritation faster you can wash your eyes with cold water (■■■■ can kill you, but it is better for him) Will go)

You may have soap in your eyes. If he still does not open his eyes within the next 24 hours, take him to the doctor as soon as possible.

Are you more likely to get soap in your eyes? Try putting a cool cloth over your eyes.

Dog Won T Open Eye After Bath