Dog Nail Buffer

Dog Nail Buffer

Why does my dog ​​insist on chewing my nails? 3

If I let it work, it will all be over. I have bought 7 in the last few weeks. Okay, I have to learn how to move them ... but I'm really interested in which tampon (nail file) you prefer.

(This is a 10 month old baby)


I mean you're looking specifically for nail files!

The texture of the nail pad will likely make your dog comfortable as the teeth are still gnashing. This is a possibility because even when your dog is ten months old, it may take longer for his teeth to form. Otherwise, the most likely reason was that they apologized. My dog's hat usually consists of removing the blanket from under my bed, or it all happens to me, and people tell me it's because of the stench.

Blue cushions for dogs

Dog Nail Buffer