Does Sasuke Ever Come Back

Does Sasuke Ever Come Back

Did Sasuke ever go back to Leaf Village and get everything now as Itachi? 3

He has not returned yet, but he is on his way to the village.

Instead of wishing his brothers peace, Sasuke decided to avenge Itachis' life by destroying the hidden Leaf Village.

His main target was two village elders and Denzo because he had brought Atachi into his tribe.

So I guess it's not good anymore ... He loves his brother very much and hates the village elder.

Yes, Sasuke is going back to Leaf. But only after swallowing Itachi, Danzo helped Atachi defeat Kabato, liberate Arochimaru, and revive the Blotkage. With 4 Cage's resurrection, he joins Naruto and the rest of the Shi band to fight Otto (aka Tob, aka Era) and the real Era is revived.

SASUKE was never a bad person because he wanted to be, because he knew he was as bad for his family as Itachi. Now that Sasuke knows the truth, he's anxious, but we don't have to judge Sasuke yet, for example. : When Sasuke says he wants to destroy Konoha, it's not true because if you know Sasuke's tricks are stronger than his words, but I'm sure Sasuke will come back because he won't. There is no reason.

He's going back to Leaf Village, but it's definitely not good: \ He's trying to get more people into the manga right now, but I don't really know why. I think he will be Naruto too (see what you do). The manga gives you the answer.

In Episode 370 of Naruto Ship, he and Oruchimaro talk to Kaj Orel 4 and after hearing the story of Kaj and Ara Ochiha first, he decides to go with Atachi Ochiha (his brother) and fight against Ara. Decided to join Leif and Naruto in the war. .

no. Itachi was a good man at heart and could rarely do any harm to anyone but to his brother. Itachi teamed up with Akatsuki to take care of it. But this Sasuke man decided to come together to destroy Naruto and destroy the village of addresses in Atachi Anbu. Sword to destroy your whole tribe, but you can't go near your little brother whom he loves, do you? But to this day, no Sasuke is bad ...

Does Sasuke Ever Come Back

Does Sasuke Ever Come Back

Definitely not !!

Sasuke returned to Leif to avenge his beloved brothers.

Then ...

Proceed! 3

His return, but not gently, but to avenge the elders of Villa da Folha

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Sasuke aint for me either ... but not all of his friends (although I think one day he'll realize what he's doing) Will ..) The law will come to destroy everything there ... !!!

Does Sasuke Ever Come Back