Does Petco Do Water Testing

Does Petco Do Water Testing

Does Petco test the water? 3

I'd like to get some water from a fish bowl (for ammonia levels, etc.). Does Petco provide this service (if I need a water sample)?

Well, Jerry B. summed it up very well and there is more to be said. When you visit Patco, you will find:

A: Put a small, warm, filtered tank for your son, clean the bowl, and use it to eat soup, because the bowl should be.

B. Get your test kit or I never really understand why I should ask someone to test my water when I can arrange a test and do it myself. Very easy to make and cheap.

Bettas, like other tropics, must be in a warm, filter tank.

They go, but I wonder what the heck. There is nothing in the bowl to prevent bacteria from accumulating unfiltered ammonia, moving water, etc. to complete the nitrogen cycle. So the answer is, if you have a son in a bowl, you have ammonia. There are many questions. Petco will do it, but he uses a method that is notoriously wrong. I would say if you are worried about ammonia in water, change it. This is the only cash price on the container, the water can be changed very easily.

Maybe, but a local freelance fisherman can test your water and give you better advice. PetCos will only search for chemicals to sell to you.

Does Petco Do Water Testing