Does Ortho Home Defense Expire

Does Ortho Home Defense Expire

Does Ort me max Defense Spray expire? 3

I have a gallon from a few years ago. It's working fine now, it only took a week in the room because I saw ants in it. Will this product expire or are my ants safe? I immediately checked the site, I did not see anything

Thank you very much

Most unused pesticides wear out over time, making them less effective.

Apply pesticides.

If you don't have an expiration date, your ants will get used to it, just as humans have to use alcohol. Your liver is able to slowly metabolize more and more alcohol, which we all know is toxic, but can become more tolerable over time. If they don't answer, double your trnt.

This will work well for bats. As I am pregnant, I will not spread it on the floor or in the second row. I've used it in french fries and it's even better. Everything is crawling in the entertainment space. Stinky.

Does Ortho Home Defense Expire