Does Not Equal Sign

Does Not Equal Sign

Will a different symbol (Â) be inserted in Windows?

To enter non-keyboard characters, you must first find out the value of Unicode.

It's a little complicated.

But you can use it: type 2260, press hold, press x once, release alt and you get it; but it only works for Microsoft Word or WordPad and other programs, which Use full text.

There is a way to do this but it requires a change in the registry and if you do not know that you will be angry with it.

Another simple alternative some people use is that write = / = is a programming symbol, but close to reality. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. = That most people do not know what they mean.

And here is a detailed description of W for entering Unicode characters (but note that the Unicode number is  2260).

The ALT + ASCII code scheme works, but only in programs that understand the scheme. It's not Microsoft Notepad, or Google Docs, or Microsoft Office Online, but the standard Microsoft Office Word:

ALT + 8800 takes you

Provides ALT + 2260 Wrl (which cannot be copied and pasted into this field).

Alt + 8800 does not work. Not so old 2260 + x Nothing works. Copy / paste the symbol here in the Notepad window, click Save and change the ANSI in the Unicode encoding column in the bottom right corner. You can then copy / paste at any time.

Just cut and paste the title of this article.

On my Mac, old = trick: 1

You can also try typing ALT + 8800 using the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

Does Not Equal Sign