Does Nair Really Work

Does Nair Really Work

Does Nair Really Work For Hair Removal? 3

Would it work if you go to a spree or a store and buy Nair?

Tell me if anyone has experience

It worked. This is not a permanent solution to remove stubborn hair, so you will have to repeat this process every few weeks.

If you follow the instructions and leave your toenails (or elsewhere) for the allotted time and remove them properly, everything will be fine. Of course, if the area burns, you need to remove it a few minutes earlier. If you leave UCT for too long, you will not experience. Otherwise I think it works fine.

Oh, and the smell too. For some people it stinks and that's why they hate it. But for others, it is not worth considering. The smell doesn't bother me much when I'm in a well-ventilated area. Leave the bathroom door open when you use it, or use it in the shower and put on your make-up or stand in front of a mirror in your bedroom, etc. But it stinks. Something like ammonia and cubes, or hair color and cubes.

In general, I've never had a problem with Nair and I think it's working fine. I use it when I'm too lazy to drain. If I have a rash or skin rash due to ulcers, it is my fault for not paying attention.

Yes, it works normally. Remove hair in about 5 minutes.

This will definitely work if you want to remove the area along the current line.

Yes, it works and very well.

I suggest If you can't find Nair, buy another one because they all work. Nair is the most modified and used na.)

I didn't use blue, but I used Sally Hansen, it works, but it smells like punch. I heard that Nair was stinking. But she pulls out her hair and says it lasts longer, but I don't see much difference. And it gives a sense of frustration.

Edit: And I had to leave it for 10 minutes. And once worn and worn, everything feels there and uncomfortable, but over time it fades. But when I used it on the mining line, it turned out to be a bit of a rash and stayed like crazy for a few days.

When I use it, it burns like crazy! And it only removes some hair. Now I use something called Sally Hansen Pure Sentiment Hair Removal Cream. I bought it from Walmart, but I'm sure they sell it elsewhere. You can feel your hair pulling, but it doesn't hurt. And removes most hair! I think that's a great result.

I used it on my feet and after a while it burned like no other. I guess it depends on how sensitive your skin is, but I don't really have very sensitive skin and it still hurts. And it doesn't remove a lot of hair.

I highly recommend placing it anywhere that is more sensitive than your feet ... especially not in your current zone .... owwwwww

Does Nair Really Work

Does Nair Really Work

it works. But it doesn't work like an ad where a woman just slides the sponge over her feet. You have to shake. And soon caught fire completely.

Yes, I used it when I was little.

No, it doesn't hurt at all. Wait about 8 minutes. According to me.

It was burning and smelly and it wasn't working. I would not recommend it.

Does Nair Really Work