Does Mountain Dew Make Your Wee Wee Small

Does Mountain Dew Make Your Wee Wee Small

Does drinking Mountain Dave really discourage people? 3

You know, meat and two vegetables, the host, the croquet stick, the bridal snake, the urine, the victory ... is that enough?


I haven't done this since sixth grade because I was afraid it could happen. [[I'm in ninth]]

I've been MDP for 30 years and it looks great there!

No, I also spoke to a Mountain Dave representative who confirmed it. If true, chemicals such as the yellow 5 (base O) commonly found in candy and artificially colored foods would be removed, and superstitions would spread to things like chewing gum, lemon heads, hats. Will go , And many other uct. This is not true at all.

Yellow 5 will reduce your count, but you should drink Mountain Dave in unrealistic amounts, or for long periods of time, so anyone who drinks anything other than MD need not worry.

Well, it is thought that Yellow 5, the ingredient that boys should have personal compression, actually reduces the boys' ability to prove, which will make them smaller in the long run, but I think they They also refuse. ...

Hahaha, did we say that would happen? And the answer is no, someone is pulling your chain ... or ... whatever they are pulling.

Excessive alcohol consumption is the worst thing for you. A) Increased caffeine and B) Osteoporosis.

B-soda will be a good reason to cut tea.

You make mountains out of a grain of sand.

Does Mountain Dew Make Your Wee Wee Small

Does Mountain Dew Make Your Wee Wee Small

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Don't worry about climbing the mountain, just dive into the cold oil and your gambling stick will shrink very fast.

Let's test the theory, I have a drink and what do you think?

Does Mountain Dew Make Your Wee Wee Small