Does Long Hair Make You Look Fatter

Does Long Hair Make You Look Fatter

Do short or long hair make your face more beautiful? ۔

I have long hair on my stomach that I thought would cut my upper ribs. Will my face get thinner or thinner if I do?


I have a round face

It depends on the natural shape of the face. If your face is oval or long, it will naturally be slightly thinner than a round face. Anyway, I think tags are good as long as the style is pleasant :)

Fix me You look great

Sometimes you may like someone's long hair.

As far as the face is concerned, it depends a lot on the shape of your face. If you have a long face, long hair will make it slippery. If your face is round, SRT hair can make you sour.

Well, I don't think your expression will change. If you have the same style and only cut it, changing the length will not change its appearance unless it is cut longer than the length of the weld.

Straight hair usually emphasizes the shape of the face, so it depends on the natural shape of your face.

Smooth hair

I think my face looks dull when my hair is long. Now I cut it off I just tossed my cheeks aside and showing my face and I think it makes my cheeks a little thicker


The layers of my length are from the middle of the neck down and I have cheeks, but my face looks thin.

Does Long Hair Make You Look Fatter