Does Fenugreek Interfere With Birth Control

Does Fenugreek Interfere With Birth Control

Can fenugreek use affect my control pills? ۔

It will take a long time, so please treat with me! I took a lot of fenugreek seed pills because I heard a month ago that they can make you fat (I know, I know). As soon as the pill entered my system (the smell of maple syrup was very strong), I took it. We don't use any protections other than our BCP, which I take religiously (if I make a difference, I've found it common for orthotics). I never miss a day and take it at the same time every day.

In fact, I arrived as planned a few weeks ago (Wednesday, November 24) but in the end I was a little lighter than usual, we did a lot too because he was taking fenugreek pills. I stopped taking fenugreek because I couldn't stand it because it was so bad.

There were signs of pregnancy this week and last and I was very worried. I had a lot of sores and a little swelling (as I was) I was more tired and swollen than usual but no pain. I feel like my lower abdomen is not fit. I'm going to take a pregnancy test in a few days, but I wonder if anyone thinks fenugreek can ruin my pills?

I have a lot of pregnancy symptoms, but I have to say that my life has changed a lot in the last few weeks. I just got a new job, I'm in the final stages and relationship issues are really putting pressure on me. I don't even have time to eat or exercise properly, as I have since June. I used to train 5 days a week, now I barely run a week and my T has changed a lot.

Fenugreek does not affect the diamonds associated with ovulation, so it does not affect the pill. It causes the addition of milk (swollen glands). Remember that this pill mimics the symptoms of pregnancy and the hormones it imitates increase them when you are preparing to ■■■■■■■■■■ your baby. Presumably, fenugreek causes memory glands and they are clogged, so the pain on the milk side is not eliminated. You can try to separate the milk manually by texting (search on the internet) or you can wait and get it back to normal.

Your job, stress levels, and relationship issues also affect your life, which can also contribute.

You may be 1 that the pill fails and you become pregnant.

There's a pill you can take ... called Manipal. It works like any other pill, but you have to be very careful to take it at the same time every day. So if you don't plan on buying another in the next 35 years, the IUD is probably the smartest solution.

Does Fenugreek Interfere With Birth Control