Does Dr Pepper Have Caffeine

Does Dr Pepper Have Caffeine

Does Dr. Pepper contain caffeine?

Yes, that's 41 mg.

Here is a table of soda and caffeine content :)

And soda (12 oz)

Caffeine (mg)

7 up 0

A&W Cream Soda 29

Barks Resin22

Cherry Coca-Cola and Cherry Coca-Cola 34

Click on Coca-Cola 34

Red Mountain Talk code 55

0 bar of root


Dr. Pepper 41

Pepsi-Cola 36

t 36 Wild Cherry Pepsi

Imaginary 0

Melo Yellow and Melo Yellow 51

برگٹاؤ ، t برگٹاؤ 55

Pepsi Cola 37

Sprites, t Sprites 0

Sunset Orange Soda, Sunset Orange Soda 41

Tab 47 tab

38 Wild Cherry Pepsi

Source: American Beverage Association, 2005 Coca-Cola Company, 2005 Doctor Paper / Seam Up Inc., 2005


Caffeinated energy drinks / games


AMP Energy Drink,

8.4 oz 75

I choke, 16 oz 144

KMX Orange, 8.4 oz. 75

Red Bull, 8.5 oz.

(250 ml) 80

Adrenaline pumped

8.3 oz 79

And fearless, 16 oz 158

Source: American Beverage Association, 2005 and Beverages, 2005 Red Bull, 2005

Without a doubt, Dr. Pepper drinks caffeine. In addition to the gelatin drink, Mountain Dave can be a step further in terms of its high caffeine content.

Some canned roots also contain caffeine, so if you want to avoid these ingredients, pay attention to the ingredients. The A&W root is clean, but I think barks have caffeine.

In this context, I looked at citrus soft drinks that contain caffeine.

Yes, and it is possible to get caffeine free pepper.

Dr. Pratt

Pure Emperor Cans Sugar Carbonated water [or corn syrup and / or high fructose sugar if you are not sure] Colorful PS Acid Caramel Synthetic and Natural Flavor Sodium Benzoyate (Preservative) Caffeine.

Does Dr Pepper Have Caffeine