Does Boost Make You Gain Weight

Does Boost Make You Gain Weight

Does Boost Plus help you gain weight? ۔

I am 13, 52 and 85 pounds. I need less weight to make me happy because I have to do a lot of gymnastics and more muscles help me fall. I'm having trouble gaining weight and I need help. Please, I would like to get an answer from an experienced person.

I'm not a nutritionist, but I'm a nurse. I find that a lot of people just need to gain weight, and Boost is a fast calorie supplement. However, it also includes other things such as vitamins, proteins, etc. Along with the supplements you take, you should be careful not to take too many B vitamins. You can do the same. It's like noodles, bread, bread, etc. All starchy foods.

That said, you can take a boost for your supplements, but don't take more than one in a day. Make sure you eat more starchy foods so you stay away.

I am 15 and 85 pounds 2.

Try Boost Plus, or better yet, make sure you eat Plus twice a day in addition to what you already eat (for example, with a snack).

Try more solid foods (light / thin / absent / weak / low / etc)

PS: Chocolate or Warranty / Boost Plus flavors taste best when cooked in a cup in the microwave.

Make sure / Boost Plus is also a great source of other nutrients and protein / calcium (some points are a source of protease / omega)

Try these solid things too!

With milk

3% whole milk.

Cheese hut

Greek yogurt / everything

Add cheese (sliced ​​/ sliced ​​/ sliced ​​/ sliced), sandwiches, salads, carols, noodles, noodles, etc.

Add powdered milk to carol / oatmeal / ato puree.

Soup / cream based sauce, not broth / vegetable based.

Complex grains

Whole wheat noodles (with pesto / cream sauce, extra cheese / added vegetables / turkey with optional lean protein

Long grain rice / brother.

Cosco / Quino

Thickly chopped rye bread

No entry

Wheat flour / flat bread (with cheese, hummus, peanuts or canned tuna)

Mesley / Mesley.

Fiber / Wolverine Mussel Bar (Nature Valley)

Natural crispy oat mix / oatmeal / added walnuts.

Sweet potatoes / potatoes with olive oil / margarita, milk / cheese, sweet cream, spices, cinnamon / nutmeg, etc. (peeled / roasted / boiled)

Wheat germs in grains / wheat.

Add margarine / olive oil to cooked vegetables / shaw / pasta / bread.

Solid fruits / vegetables.

Dried fruits (with yogurt, muesli, oat flakes, salads, mixed nuts, etc.)

Canned fruit is added to syrup / cauliflower.

Fruit Juice (Onda Juice)

Banana / Avocado

Apples / celery / bananas with raw natural nuts / cream.

Steamed vegetables / margarine / olive oil / cooked with chopped melted cream cheese)

Canned vegetables (except margarine / oil)

Regular membership

Vegetable juice

Aging vegetables and hummus / bean sauce.


Lean meat / meat substitute

Breaded chicken / turkey / cod fish / helts / shrimp / etc.

Cool piece

Lean ground beef / turkey.

Lean pork

Serlin / waist / etc.

Canned fish and tuna / salmon.

Walnut kernels

Natural soft / crispy peanuts (sandwiches, oats, air, fruits and vegetables, smoothies, etc.)


Corn / a / am.

Breaded Corn / Breaded Vegetable Meat (eg Chicken Nuggets)

Roasted Peanuts / Fried Peanuts.

چنے / ہمس۔



Red wine / refrigerator / s / wines.

Dark chocolate

Candy bar (such as Mars / Sneakers / etc)

Gatorade / Poirides (no water for air during sports)


Fast food / sweets (chocolate / ice cream / donuts / etc.) will not hurt when weighing.

pe iv help, great!

Does Boost Make You Gain Weight