Does A Florist Have To Tell You Who Sent Flowers

Does A Florist Have To Tell You Who Sent Flowers

Will the florist tell anyone that we send flowers? 3

A friend of mine received a dozen roses from a secret fan on Valentine's Day. He did not know where they came from, although he had worked as a doctor and he feared they were from unstable patients. He wondered if the flowers sent contained the sender's name or other information. Is there a code of conduct for florists? He, like me, was concerned about your safety. Thank you very much.

It all depends on where the flowers are ordered from ... If the flowers are ordered online / through pneumatics and there is only one merchant delivering them, then they may not know that Who ordered the flowers? ..

Your friend should contact the florist who delivered the flowers and ask for the information they have ...

Meanwhile, your friends can take this flower out of public view ... if someone shakes it, they will be happy to see the flower spread ...

Well, I don't know about the situation, but if you feel threatened by this person and he has done something else ... like running for the door or knocking all the time, you can file a complaint. Are I have to do this when someone bothers me. If it weren't so bad I wouldn't do it, but you'll never know. The person he has rated will not know until he has a problem. The realtor may ask the florist and he is more likely to tell you. If I were him I would tell the florist the situation and he would tell me. Otherwise, and when other things happen, the police are always there.

Most florists will not say that you have sent flowers when they ask. If you have a security question, call the store manager, tell them you're worried about who sent it, and ask if it's an X. He may or may not say it and you have to be careful not to do it. Please do not violate Andy's privacy policy by using his name (ie he cannot claim to be unstable). If the problem is really serious, go to the police and get a warrant from them.

The florist can only say no ... so let your friends ask. I got flowers at work once (my new husband doesn't have a credit card or he doesn't have one and he told me to buy flowers for me and send them to work. I was weird but he said he Wants me to be like other girls like them and everyone had flowers so I ordered them at noon). When he arrived, Sozar came to me and said, "I know you bought TS." I squeezed a finger. He boldly called the florist and asked for information. Smile

Some florists keep their clients confidential, so I doubt they will publish any information. But you can try, maybe you can get it in the blink of an eye.

Most florists will not do this if the sender requests that their identities not be revealed.

Does A Florist Have To Tell You Who Sent Flowers

Does A Florist Have To Tell You Who Sent Flowers

You ask the florist and see what he says.

I called once to ask. They don't want to tell me. I'm sure it's different everywhere. I will call and ask.

Does A Florist Have To Tell You Who Sent Flowers