Docking Station

Docking Station,

Docking Station:

A device that can be connected to a laptop or notebook to act like a desktop computer.

Literal Meanings of Docking Station


Meanings of Docking:
  1. Enter the dock (from the boat) and tie the dock.

  2. Locked water area at the port for loading and unloading and repairing ships.

  3. A device that can adjust a laptop, smartphone or other mobile device for charging and adjusting the power supply and access to peripherals or accessories with a docking station.

  4. Deductions (some, especially money in money or points in the game)

  5. Summary (animal tail)

  6. The solid, bone or fleshy part of the animal's tail, except the hair.

  7. The basis of a criminal case in which the defendant stands or sits.

  8. Mild weather thick grass with unacceptable green or reddish flowers. The leaves are used to remove paralyzed stings.

Sentences of Docking
  1. The plane sank in Southampton

  2. The plane pushed the pier

  3. I have a docking station near my bed to which my phone is connected. I also have a computer desk.

  4. The agent links the payment to the father's salary

  5. He died

  6. The other nine in the dock face a set of charges.

  7. It is less common and is usually caused by herbs such as squash and lime, late flowering plants and fungal tubes.

Synonyms of Docking

tie up, cut short, prune, truncate, marina, port, anchor, shorten, berth, land, subtract, cut off, lop, beach, moor, take off, discount, remove, harbour, deduct, put in


Meanings of Station:
  1. Making or designating a place for a specific purpose, especially military.

  2. Regular stops on public transport routes, especially low-lying railway lines and often one or more buildings.

  3. The place or building where specific activities or services take place.

  4. A company dedicated to a particular type of distribution.

  5. A place where someone or something stays or is placed in military or other service.

  6. A place where certain species grow or are found, especially interesting or rare species.

  7. Station of Cross Summary

Sentences of Station
  1. Troops are stationed in the city

  2. We went back to the train station and took the train to Brussels.

  3. Rainfall Research Station

  4. A radio

  5. The Scouts resumed their position on the front

  6. The plant's southern station is a natural habitat on the Virginia James and Chakahomini rivers.

Synonyms of Station

base, place, location, camp, establishment, locate, area of duty, channel, halt, stage, assigned position, position, stopping place, post, station stop, set, broadcasting organization, put on duty, base camp, site, stop