Docket call

Docket call,

Definition of Docket call:

  1. Appearing in court for a lawyer (with or without a trial) to report progress in a case, for example, when you are ready to go to court.

How to use Docket call in a sentence?

  1. Questions about this case are pending, but my lawyer went to court yesterday to resolve the matter and report that we do not agree to the terms of the agreement.
  2. If your lawyer has appealed the lawsuit, you may know how it has been recently.
  3. The registration call provides information about the case, which our legal team can review for useful information.

Meaning of Docket call & Docket call Definition

Docket Call,

Definition of Docket Call:

  • A simple definition of Docket Call is: The procedure by which judges set a date for a trial or receive directions.

Literal Meanings of Docket Call


Meanings of Docket:
  1. Add (case or hearing) to the list of people who need a hearing.

  2. A brand (product or packaging) with a document or label indicating its contents.

  3. A calendar or list of cases in the courts or those with pending cases.

  4. A document or label that lists the contents of a package or shipment.

Sentences of Docket
  1. The case will be taken to the Supreme Court and it may be brought to a standstill.

  2. In the absence of a judge, the prosecutor began calling everyone listed for a brief conference at the front desk.

  3. The Department of Health works with UK supermarket chains to obtain information on the fat and calorie content of consumer products.

Synonyms of Docket

chit, proof of purchase, record, log, voucher, sales slip, coupon, receipt, bill, document, certificate, counterfoil, register


Meanings of Call:
  1. Give a specific name to (baby or animal).

  2. Scream (a word or words)

  3. Call or try to reach (someone or number).

  4. Request or apply for participation.

  5. Declare or decide that an event (including, but not limited to, a meeting, strike or election) will take place.

  6. Visit (someone) immediately.

  7. (Referee or other official affair) Pronunciation (ball, putt or other action) as indicated.

  8. Run the cause (subroutine).

  9. Scream or distract like a phone call

  10. Common call from birds or other animals.

Sentences of Call
  1. He called his daughter Hana

  2. He heard a frightened voice calling out his name

  3. Can I call again?

  4. Representatives of the three teams appointed before the Commissioner

  5. There seems to be no alternative but to hold parliamentary elections.

  6. He promised Celia to come to the clinic

  7. The line judge calls the ball away

Synonyms of Call

summon, plea, screech, shriek, scream, cry out, appeal, convene, summons, get on the phone to, dial, order, get, cry, request, roar, name, social call, sing out, bawl, shout, phone, visit, telephone, sound, halloo, assemble, whoop, phone call, entreaty

Docket Call,

Docket Call: What is the Meaning of Docket Call?

  1. The process by which a judge signs or directs a hearing.

Literal Meanings of Docket Call


Meanings of Docket:
  1. A document or label identifying the contents of a shipment or package.

  2. List of pending cases or individuals with pending cases.

  3. Mark with a document or label (shipment or package) that contains a list of contents.

  4. Add (cases) to your list.

Sentences of Docket
  1. New case on the Florida agenda.

  2. Clothes will be carefully changed and arranged.

  3. The suitcase can be closed in the fall

Synonyms of Docket

acquittance, tag, documentation, paperwork, mark, chitty, tab, label, ticket


Meanings of Call:
  1. Call or try to reach (someone or number) by phone.

  2. Request participation or application.

  3. Announce or resolve that an event (specifically a meeting, election or strike) is taking place.

  4. (By referee or other official of the game) pronounce (ball, put, etc.) as indicated.

  5. Leads to subcutaneous action.

  6. Shout or get attention like a phone call.

  7. Separate calls from birds or other animals.

  8. For example, talking to someone on the phone or trying to contact someone on the phone.

  9. Short trips, mainly for social reasons.

  10. A phone call or request to have something happen.

  11. Applications or requests to participate.

Sentences of Call
  1. She heard a disturbing voice calling her name.

  2. Can i call you back

  3. Representatives of the three teams were summoned to the Monaco commissioner.

  4. There seems to be no choice but to hold parliamentary elections.

  5. I have to call the bank to get the money.

  6. A nearby fisherman heard help.

  7. The most characteristic of his screams, loud "stupid"

  8. I'll call you about five.

Synonyms of Call

yell, bell, denominate, drop in on, convoke, buzz, yoo-hoo, command, tinkle, designate, holler, exclaim, christen, cooee, go by the name of, baptize, pay a visit to, clepe, look in on, pop into, ■■■■■■■■■, arrange, arrange a time/date for, vociferation, label, telephone call, bellow, entitle