Do Vegans Eat Shrimp

Do Vegans Eat Shrimp

Why don't vegans eat prawns or fish? 3

I'm new to vaginism and I like prawns and fish. I understand why vegans don't eat poultry, red meat and pork, but I don't think fish or prawns are animals. I believe that meat causes cancer, diabetes and heart disease. But I have only heard of the benefits of eating fish, such as containing essential omega-3 acids. So I called someone who could explain it to me and help me understand that it would be better for me not to eat too much fish or prawns.


I want to thank everyone for their convincing answers! As a vegan, I don't eat fish, but I was afraid of temptation, so I wanted to from the beginning. Thanks for your satisfactory answers, I will not fall from the car! I am very happy with all your great answers! Thank you very much!

Welcome to the family! :)

First of all, answering your question that fish and shellfish are part of the animal kingdom, unfortunately this is a basic science. They include the viscera and the central nervous system. Although not as delicate as terrestrial animals [used for food], they are still considered animals.

Vegans value themselves for a number of reasons. I don't know what motivated them, but from the point of view of animal cruelty, the fishing industry is almost as bad as normal use. The fish are caught in large, dense nets. He suffocated and ... was not left on the beach. Many endangered dolphins, sharks, turtles and other endangered marine life are accidentally trapped in fishing nets. When swords are caught, they often lose limbs. You will be transported for a long time in water contaminated with your organic waste (just look at the lobster tank in a regular grocery store). Cooking or eating lobster is one of the most cruel things a person can do. Your nervous system is very sensitive. While humans get sick after trauma, lobsters don't. It means you are in pain all the time, no matter what. So he is screaming and you give him some good medicine.

From an ecological point of view, water on Earth is in serious trouble. Burning seas, oceans, lakes and rivers are all more polluted than humans. It is digested by fish and shellfish ... when they are present for swallowing. The oceans are being exploited to a dangerous extent. Scientists predict that fish will not be available for human consumption for the next 50 years. Farmed fish are not good for you because they live in your gutter, but they create a lot of waste to get out of the water.

You can get omega 3 from flax seeds and strong seeds. You don't really need fish on your shirt.

I saw that you answered another question by quoting your unwanted blessing and told everyone about it ... and somewhere you thought it would not apply to prawns / fish? No animals? It's nice when I see people who say, oh, really don't eat vegetarian fish or other seafood. Please search for the word vegetable. If you don't follow vegetables, then you are not just a vegetable. Defining a plant is not a difficult task. Just thinking that you can call yourself a vegan and still eat this food ... right? Also for those who say that vegetables cause cancer and meat does not cause cancer ... take a break and do some research yourself or provide some definitions yourself. Which vegetables cause cancer? Are you sure they are not pesticides or vegetables? And yes, eating certain types of meat has been linked to certain types of cancer that are known to occur. Many vegetables prevent certain types of cancer, but meat does not. In fact, if you look for questions on how eating meat can prevent cancer, you will find only articles that say eating less red meat can prevent cancer, heart disease, and more. can go. Sorry for the joke, but it's hard to believe what I've read.

Think about it, if you try to catch a fish or a prawn, will it try to escape? If so, I'm sure it's for some reason, maybe because he doesn't want to? Don't you want pain?

Just because it's underwater doesn't mean it's not an animal. Have you seen the violent Dolphin Macrae that happens every year in Denmark? Dolphin because it's a tradition. The friendly dolphin came to him to play and he agreed. Is this dolphin in trouble?

Edit: Oh yes! Fatty acids, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I think seeds are mostly, if not all of these things ...

In the vegan world, fish is considered meat. If you want to be vegan, you can get fish nutrition with fish oil vitamins or omega 3 vitamins for women. If you really like fish, you can always buy fake ones like Kalia Roll.

Meat is the meat of animals which is used as food.

Fish are animals too! And they have a nervous system that makes them feel like dogs, cats or cows.

which question.

Do you think that fish do not have a nervous system?

Obviously, if you are strict enough to give up vegetarianism and eat vegan, you will definitely not eat fish.

Do Vegans Eat Shrimp