Do Spacers Hurt

Do Spacers Hurt

Help !!!! Does that hurt? 3

I have to pick it up next week. Are you really injured ????

And I have my teeth extracted, please help me.

Thank you very much

I'm not a dentist, but I was and am. Honestly, they were injured. There is nothing wrong with me crying.

Stay away from spicy foods. Eating soft foods (depending on how soft they are) can be a little painful. But when you eat things like that, you feel good. You can take Advil or Asprin to relieve the pain when you are feeling very sick. And when it comes to pulling teeth, it just depends on how tight they are. I have to have 5 teeth extracted just because my permanent teeth need to grow faster than waiting for the teeth to come. And when a tooth is extracted, your mouth becomes so numb that you cannot feel it. They'll stretch a little bit and all, but it doesn't hurt. Your dentist / orthodontist will tell you if you need a tooth extraction. The longest time of use (depending on the teeth) is about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. My best!

The user is not bothered while pulling. It takes 5 minutes. But after that day and next week you will have a lot of trouble! I couldn't eat a single loaf of bread for a week. D: It is very painful to use. On a scale of 110, I would say 7 for pain. I don't like anything And first, you'll be in pain for a week. ESC does not harm food as much as ESC does.

Not only does this require tooth extraction but it also causes pain for the first 23 days and it looks like there is a tooth between the teeth. Only when you want to take painkillers do you eat soft food until it stops hurting you and think that your beautiful straight teeth will eventually pay off.


I can't tell you if you need to have your teeth extracted. Here's what you should know now that you've signed up. Yes, they do. It's like putting a pound of meat in your mouth between each tooth and there's nothing you can do about it. I wish you were there

People can feel uncomfortable, I will not pretend that I am uncomfortable. Take two ibuprofen to the dentist, it will relieve the pain. You should see your dentist whenever your tooth is extracted. I have four teeth and it is not bad, I am sure everything will be fine.

I have ERS and I have almost completed my CES and I can safely say that ERS was the worst part of this process.

But then everything was different.

It hurt me a lot. They hurt me more than this wound.

Do Spacers Hurt