Do snakes like being pet? A million-dollar question for snake pet lovers. Snakes are solitary animals, these buddies don’t like much to be in captivity, they want to enjoy their natural habitat & living. Snakes species which are known to be good pets are hardly few and among these Corn snakes, Ball Python, milk Snake & Rosy Boa are at the top of the list.


Now, this is a whole other can of worms. This question or at least the answer to the question that snakes do not like being held captive is used as a reason to not own a snake. But this really isn’t true.

Pet snakes do enjoy their stays in your home wherever you keep them so long as they are getting fed and have somewhere warm to be and somewhere cool to hide. It’s as simple as that. Care for your snake and that’s more than it would have gotten from its mother in the wild.

Snakes in your home have longer life spans than they would out in the wild. As such they appreciate their survival. Pet snakes work off of a simpler processing system than most animals. As such, survival is every animals’ chief concern, followed by reproducing, and finding food to survive.

Really, the only thing your snake may complain about here is its inability to breed if you don’t allow that. Otherwise, you are providing for its needs and protecting it from predators. So, don’t be too concerned with the lack of emotions your snake is giving you. That’s just how snakes are, so leave them that way.

Summary: Though these buddies don’t enjoy being in the enclosure. Yes if you provide the best captive conditions, adequate food & water supply, heat & light, they seem to enjoy their new homes.


Snakes are cold-blooded animals that aren’t the most straightforward to impress, so you could be pondering whether or not they indeed feel warmth for their owners. We did some research: here’s what I found.

Snakes don’t have the mental capacity to feel human feelings like cherishing or love. So no, they can’t feel love for you.

They can, in any case, feel a partiality for you as a non-threatening animal that cares for it. Don’t let this thought debilitate you. Snakes make astounding pets, indeed in the event that they don’t feel the warmth the same way people do. Snakes can do a bounty of things and this article notices numerous of those things.

So, this is quite the subject of debate among the reptile community with the majority of pet owners refusing to believe that their pets don’t love them and several biological scientists seeing the early signs of that not really being possible.

Looking at the prove, it just isn’t truly conceivable for small snakes to feel love for their proprietors. But a pet snake not feeling warmth doesn’t mean that your pet snake doesn’t like you, or that it doesn’t like living the way it does. It is essentially inquiring the snake to do something that, as distant as ready to tell, the snake isn’t able of.

Summary: Pet snakes don’t feel any kind of emotions & attachments for their owners. So if you are expecting them to b loyal & affectionate, you need to correct your perception.

Will a Pet Snake Recognise its owner?

pet snake

Unfortunately, snakes can’t recognize their owners.

There are very a couple of cases out there of snakes interfacing with people. In any case, not at all like pooches or cats, usually always dependent on the individual who is feeding them.

They like snake food and begin to relate the individual feeding them with the nourishment they receive. This may be a straightforward case of classical conditioning. By eating food, the snake feels great and so it starts to relate the thing before getting food with the food and in the long run the thing before the nourishment with the positive sensation of having eaten nourishment.

Summary Snakes don’t have enough intellectual capacity to recognize their owners. yes, these fellows do create some sort of intimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are few commonly asked questions regarding pet snakes which may give you in-depth awareness regarding the topic.

Are pet snakes friendly?

Snakes are not friendly animals. But yes pet snakes are not venomous. These buddies don’t react much, so docile in nature unless & until not put at unrest condition.

Do snakes get lonely?

Pet snakes do not feel lonely. They don’t like to be caged with other animals. They like their lonely state as these fellows are solitary in nature.

What snakes like being handled?

Snakes don’t like to be held for long. 15-20 minutes holding in a day is the maximum they can bear. Corn snake, king & Ball Python are few types that don’t get upset if you hold them for a bit long.


If you raise this question do snakes like being pet, the answer will be a big no. From the above-mentioned detail, we can conclude these buddies can live in captivity & start enjoying their new homes provided the ideal conditions of the enclosure, food, heat & light. But it is advisable not to handle roughly otherwise these fellows will start reacting abnormally.

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