Do Shrimp Have Scales

Do Shrimp Have Scales

Do ■■■■■ have scales or wings? My Jewish friend doesn't eat prawns because birth only tells scales or wings ...? 3

I need to know if the crab has scales or wings so that my Jewish friend can eat them or not depending on their origin.

It must have scales and feathers to be halal ... Even the ■■■■■ that eat it are not halal, if I am not wrong ...

Even tugboats, prawns and lobsters have an exoskeleton, the tail is such that it is covered with scales and the tail ends in the wings. Make them extra halal!

These are the two most recognizable features of this order.

More halal than turkey or chicken.

Even a 3 year old can see it live.

As a Jew, the answer is no, they are not the same, the standard of sin is very high (in the Old Testament, according to sin, it is a sacrifice you must bring back) and this standard is partly sin. Is. Graves Once Christians accept Jesus, they can follow His teachings and turn to the new instead of the old, but Jesus and the New Testament provide indirect signs of truth and evil. But there is one thing that people want to point out with their fingertips that is wrong according to religious standards: People need to understand that in many social and religious cultures it is bad, but they are wrong. It doesn't matter if he or she says it's wrong, just do it. If you care about wheat, the Torah, etc. In other words, it may mean that you are ashamed of what the highest person thinks of you as a person ... that is. Fear of getting more and more angry because not everything is going to be okay.

Do Shrimp Have Scales