Do Otters Make Good Pets

Do Otters Make Good Pets

Where can I buy otters to keep as pets? ? 3

Volunteer at the zoo.

You will learn a lot about the realities of the animal world.

Otters are not good pets. They are smart, big and destructive. Not to mention the courage.

Beavers as pets

In the US, I doubt there is a legal Z exit as it should be. These are complex wild mammals that need a large river ecosystem to thrive, just like the rest of the otter family. I doubt you have a degree in biology, so buy a ferret if you really want a cute pet.

The symbol of my family is the ■■■■■■ and I ask if you enjoy the wildlife at the zoo or in nature from afar when you are Luke.

No you can't. They may be cute, but they are not good pets.

Are river otters good pets? River otters are not good pets for a number of reasons. River otters belong to the same family as suites, opossums and badgers. These animals have the ability to evaporate the musk of the perfume glands under the tail and mark their area (ie their ego) with E. The river otter has what it takes to destroy most of its elements. Most importantly, they are very aggressive and chase you! Most states require a license to care for these animals.

Do Otters Make Good Pets

Do Otters Make Good Pets

1. You can get beavers in a.

It can't be. This is not a pet and cannot be kept secret.

No where are those wild animals !! Never desire or try to keep a stray animal as a pet, whether it is from an unscrupulous source or adopt / sponsor someone through a program like Pet or WWF Company.

Do Otters Make Good Pets